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Key Program Documents

Montana Asthma Control Program Strategic Evaluation Plan Cover

In August 2010, the Montana Asthma Advisory Group and the Montana Asthma Control Program released the Strategic Evaluation Plan.  The Strategic Evaluation Plan is a document designed to assess the direction, feasibility, and significance of the projected projects and their associated objectives to be completed over the next five years. The Strategic Evaluation Plan is considered to be a living document, and will be updated on an annual basis.

State Asthma Plan Cover


In January 2009, the Montana Asthma Advisory Group and the Montana Asthma Control Program released the Montana State Asthma Plan. The Montana State Asthma Plan outlines a public health approach to addressing asthma in Montana over the next three to five years. The plan acknowledges that asthma is a complex public health problem that must be addressed within a multidimensional framework. The plan includes goals, objectives and strategies to address asthma through:

  • Partnerships
  • Surveillance
  • Healthcare interventions
  • Environmental interventions and
  • School and Childcare Interventions
Asthma Burden Report 2013

This burden report is the Montana Asthma Control Program's summary document that systematically compiles existing data related to asthma in Montana. The report will be used by the MACP, in concert with stakeholders from Montana, to inform the statewide asthma control plan. Data sources used in this report include:

  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
  • Montana Hospital Discharge Data System (MHDDS)
  • Montana Medicaid Health and Chronic Disease Survey (MMHCDS)
  • Montana Office of Vital Statistics (MOVS)
  • Medicaid administrative claims data
  • Montana Tobacco Quit Line