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Montana Tobacco Prevention Program

The Montana Clean Indoor Air Act

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October 1, 2009, marks an important day for tobacco use prevention in Montana. Full implementation of the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) requires all enclosed public places and workplaces, including bars, taverns, and casinos, to be smokefree.  Laws like Montana's CIAA protect public health and prevent diseases caused by exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. The significance of this major public health policy extends to future generations who will grow up healthy in a smokefree Montana. We encourage you to learn more about the CIAA by clicking here.

The majority of Montanans support the CIAA. This law belongs to Montana's citizens and we appreciate your continued support. If you observe a violation of the law in any enclosed public place or workplace in Montana, you can report it by completing a violation report form.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP) is to address the public health crisis caused by the use of all forms of commercial tobacco products. MTUPP will work to eliminate tobacco use, especially among young people, through statewide programs and policies.

Program Goals

The goal of MTUPP is to reduce disease, disability, and death related to tobacco use by:
  • Preventing tobacco use among young people;
  • Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke;
  • Eliminating disparities related to tobacco use and its effects among certain population groups; and
  • Promoting quitting among adults and young people.

Montana Facts and Figures

  • Every year, Montanans pay more than $277 million in medical expenditures attributable to smoking; and businesses pay more than $305 million in lost productivity due to illness and time off.
  • Every pack of cigarettes purchased in Montana costs society about $4.44 - half in medical costs and half in lost productivity.
  • Sixteen percent of all adults in Montana smoke, and 46% of American Indian adults in Montana smoke. (ATS, 2009)
  • Montana adult males use spit tobacco at a rate that is almost double the national average (13% compared to 8%). (ATS, 2009)
  • In 2008, the Montana Prevention Needs Assessment found that, among adolescents in grades 8, 10, and 12, 16% smoked and 15% of males used smokeless tobacco.

Four Montanans die every day from tobacco-related diseases.

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