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Children's Mental Health


Montana Youth Leadership Forum (MYLF)

MYLF (pronounced “my life”) is a unique career and leadership training program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with disabilities. By serving as delegates from their communities at a 5-day intensive training, youth with disabilities will cultivate leadership, citizenship, and social skills.

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System of Care Meetings

What is a system of care?

Systems of care meetings are held quarterly throughout the year, with a face to face meeting in the spring and in the fall. Teens & youth are encouraged to voice their opinions & ideas on the current system of care in Montana.

The goals of the meetings include:

  • Develop policies aimed at eliminating or reducing barriers to the implementation of a system of care;
  • Promote development of a quality array of core services in-state so that SED (serious emotional disturbed) youth can avoid out-of-state placements;
  • Encourage development of the infrastructure of the system of care

SOC Community Planning Committee

Page last updated: 07/30/2013