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Children's Mental Health Bureau Services

State funded mental health services for children under age 18 are administered through the Children's Mental Health Bureau of the Disability Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Medicaid Mental Health Services

Through the Medicaid program, the Bureau manages the following services for children who are seriously emotionally disturbed:

  • Inpatient psychiatric services provided in hospital settings or residential treatment facilities; outpatient partial hospitalization programs are available in some locations
  • Community-based services, such as therapeutic foster care and therapeutic group homes (not including room and board expenses);
  • Mental health center community-based outpatient services, including individual, group and family therapy; psychotropic medication management; assessment; case management; youth day treatment; community-based psychiatric rehabilitation and support services (CBPRS); and comprehensive school and community treatment (CSCT); and
  • Services provided by mental health professionals, including licensed psychologists, social workers, licensed certified professional counselors, advanced practicing RN’s; and licensed psychiatrists or medical doctors.

Non-Medicaid Mental Health Services

* Supplemental Services Plan (SSP)
Limited funding for supplemental services, including room and board, is available with TANF maintenance of effort money.  The purpose of the service must be to support family stabilization/reunification efforts.  Eligibility is for families with income under 185% of federal poverty levels.  Duration of services is limited to no more than four calendar months in a federal fiscal year.

Page last updated: 08/06/2013