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Children's Mental Health

On the road to improved mental health……

Our Mission is to support and strengthen Montana youth and families through Medicaid mental health services.

Our Vision is strong youth functioning in healthy families, living in supportive Montana communities.

Our Values: Leadership, Efficiency, Collaboration, Transparency, Integration, Self‑efficacy

Overall Strategic Priorities

Provide ongoing collaborative leadership in an integrated Medicaid health care system for Montana youth and families.

  • Effectively manage existing Medicaid children’s mental health services in compliance with federal and state requirements.
  • Use Quality Reviews to promote service quality, enforce policy, and manage utilization.
  • Implement a home and community-based service package (Montana i-home) to support seriously emotionally disturbed youth with intensive complex needs to remain with or near their families.

Promote adaptive system changes that benefit stakeholders, youth, and families.

  • Identify opportunities for learning through collaboration, quality reviews, data analysis, federal guidance, and new service provision.
  • Increase capacity of Montana service providers to use a wraparound process with youth and their families to identify needs and develop self-efficacy, supported by the use of a functional assessment (MT CANS).
  • Promote and use evidence-based practice models with grants, trainings, and financial incentives to further positive outcomes.





Page last updated: 03/25/2013