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Transportation Services

Member Information

Travel assistance benefits are funds that help Medicaid members with transportation costs. These funds help members get to and from medical appointments. When the member meets certain requirements, he/she may get help with mileage, meals, and lodging. These benefits are for members who have Full or Basic Medicaid coverage. The Transportation Center must approve all trips before the travel.

Meals and lodging are covered when the member must remain overnight. Coverage of meals begins the second day the member stays. Transportation is covered to and from the member’s appointment. The transportation method is based on the member’s medical needs. The member may use the following types of transportation:

  • Personal transportation (privately owned vehicle)
  • Specialized non-emergency transportation (wheelchair or stretcher van)
  • Commercial transportation (taxi, bus, etc.)

When a member needs transportation, the member or a representative must contact the Transportation Center at (800) 292-7114 or (406) 443-6100. The member can get paid only when the Transportation Center approves the trip.

Page last updated 12/03/2013