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Montana Chemical Dependency Center Admission Information Sheet

Greetings and welcome to the Montana Chemical Dependency Center (MCDC). MCDC is the only single state facilities providing chemical dependency treatment, education, relapse prevention and support to individuals, families and communities. The staff at MCDC understands the consequences of being chemically dependent and we are committed and dedicated to treating each patient individually, with dignity and respect as the illness deserves. If you have received the Admission Information Sheet, it indicates that you have already taken the initial steps to deal with your addictive disorder and will soon be coming to MCDC for inpatient treatment.

The inpatient services available at MCDC are explained below. Useful information is listed, so please take a few moments to read the information. If you still have questions after reading the information, feel free to call the Admissions Department at (406) 496-5412.

In Patient Services

  • Transportation: It is the responsibility of the patient to secure transportation to the facilities. Upon discharge, MCDC will provide transportation to the local bus station in Butte, Montana and a one way bus ticket will be provided to the intended destination with in Montana.

  • Financial Affairs: Patient rates are based upon “ability to pay” using a sliding scale fee. The Reimbursement officer at the facilities will determine the sliding scale fee after a review of the patient’s financial status, which is conducted at the time of admission.

  • Professional Services: Physical Assessment and Examination, Health Screening Lab; Detoxification for scheduled patients; Individualized Treatment Plans; Individual and Group Therapy; Daily Lectures: Peer and Self Help Projects; Mental Health Assessments, counseling and treatment; Relapse Prevention and training; Continued Care and Discharge planning. We understand the illness of chemical dependency and how it affects individuals and their families emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All aspects are addressed in the Interdisciplinary treatment program. Random U/A’s will be conducted on a monthly basis.

  • Admissions Date and Time: Normally, admissions are accepted Sunday through Thursday, form 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. However, exceptions will be made, as necessary. Note: All admissions are pre-approved for scheduled arrival date and time. Any deviation of the set date or time will not be permitted unless pre-approved by the Admissions Department. Late arrivals will be turned away and a new bed date will be re-scheduled.

  • Exercise and Recreation: Patients are encouraged to participate in 2 daily walks, 20 to 30 minute periods per day (weather permitting). A ¼ mile groomed walking track is available for supervised daily walks. MCDC is not set up as an exercise facility nor does it contain other recreational equipment.

  • Phone Privileges: Pay phones are available on each floor. Incoming patient calls are not permitted. Patients must use collect call services or a calling care when attempting to make outgoing local or long distant calls. Telephone time is not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes on the day the patient is scheduled to make a call. You are permitted to bring a cell phone, but it will be placed in a secured area upon check in and returned upon departure.

  • Mail Services: Mail is picked up and delivered daily, except Sunday. Patients must provide their own stamps. All incoming parcels will be opened in the presence of MCDC Staff.

  • Visitation: Saturday is designated as “Family Day”. We strongly encourage family participation and attendance. Keep in mind, MCDC has a strict policy on Family Day participation. Patients must submit all requests to their primary counselor regarding who will be participation in Family Day. For a complete list detailing the activities of Family Day, speak directly with your primary counselor. Sorry, but no children under the age of sixteen (16) are allowed to participate in Family Day unless previously approved by your counselor.

  • Length of Stay: The average length of stay a patient spends in treatment varies by individual and is based solely on the patient’s ability to understand the disease process and willingness to commit to treatment. DO NOT ASSUME THAT INPATIENT TREATMENT ONLY LAST 28 DAYS

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Page last updated: 07/30/2013