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HMK Family Resources

  • HMK Member Guide
    (Claim Administrator is BlueCross BlueShield)
    New customer service phone number: 1-855-258-3489

Vision and Eyeglasses:

How do I find a vision care and/or eyeglass provider in my area?

  • Vision and eyeglass providers are listed in your HMK provider directory or at BlueCross BlueShield of Montana. Select "HMK" under "Your Plan" and choose ophthalmology, optician, or optometry under "Provider Specialty".

HMK Basic Dental Plan:

HMK Extended Dental Plan:

HMK offers an Extended Dental Plan (EDP) providing coverage for dental services beyond the HMK Basic Dental Plan. Dental providers must submit a "Request for Extended Dental Benefits" form including a proposed treatment plan. The treatment plan must be approved by HMK before a child is determined eligible for EDP benefits. The dental services must be provided within 90 days of the approval determination.

The Extended Dental Plan is an ongoing benefit of HMK. However, EDP funding is limited. When all funds are allocated, new funding is available again the following July 1. If a child previously received EDP services, please contact HMK to find out if he/she is again eligible.

HMK Extended Mental Health Plan for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED):

The full Extended Mental Health Plan Manual is currently being revised and will be posted here when it is completed.

Call 1-877-KidsNow (1-877-543-7669) if you need more information.

Hearing Aids:

Change of Information:

If you have a change to report, please call 1-877-KidsNow (877-543-7669) or email HMK at hmk@mt.gov.

  • Add or remove family members.
  • Change in insurance status.
  • Change of address.

Authorization For the Use and Disclosure of Health Information:

Federal law prohibits your Protected Health Information (PHI) from being shared without your permission. By completing and submitting the Authorization for the Use and Disclosure of Health Information form, you can authorize us to share your PHI with a person you designate.

Privacy Notice:

You can view the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana Notice of Privacy Practice for HMK Enrollees here.