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TANF Family Economic Security (FES) - Financial Literacy Program

Program Overview:

The FES – TANF Financial Literacy Program is designed to stabilize families through the development of personal, social and financial assets.  This program offers classes to help participant’s financial literacy knowledge and includes; credit options, tax incentives or options, savings benefits and lending issue.  In addition, participant’s  may have the opportunity to earn a 3-to-1 match on their personal savings to  help save money to go to college, professional or trade school, buy a home, purchase tools and equipment for employment or electronic devices for school.

  • Participants must complete an application and meet all  financial and non-financial criteria to be  eligible for the program;
  • Household income must be at or below 185% Federal Poverty Level;  and
  • Applicants must have a minor child residing in the home or be age 16-19 years old and still enrolled in school.  Income Chart

FES – TANF Financial Literacy Program Application

FES Contractor Resources


Page last updated: 08/15/2014