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School Readiness Community Teams


What's going on with School Readiness Teams in Montana?

The Community School Readiness Teams were created in 2006 at the first Montana School Readiness Summit.  The purpose is to have a strong, local, diverse community group focused on children being ready for school and services and schools offering appropriate support.  Each community group is different, has different leadership and planned activities.  At the 2006 summit, they all agreed that three things were priorities: Parent Education, Staff education and general public education on child development, readiness specifics and appropriate expectations.  All the teams have been offered very small grants to accomplish some of their work and many are making efforts to consolidate school readiness planning with other early childhood efforts in their communities.

For more information about School Readiness and the Community Teams, please contact:

Debora Hansen
(406) 444-1400


Page last updated: 03/13/2012