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State Collaboration Office

Mission Statement

To impact the lives of low-income children and families by influencing state and local policy and the effective delivery of services, while linking Head Start Programs and communities through collaborative relationships.

2014 Early Childhood Conference: "Together Creating a Community of Learners"
October 10-11th, 2014 (Montana State University Billings, Billings, MT)
-This conference is a joint venture of the MT AEYC, the MT Head Start Association, and the Region VIII Head Start Association

Montana State Head Start Association

Montana Head Start Needs Assessment 2012-2013

Child Care

Head Start and all low-income families will have access to high quality child care services and programs for their children.

The Montana Head Start/State Collaboration Office recognizes the need to develop policies and practices that promote the collaboration and coordination that is essential to improving child care availability, quality and affordability.  The Collaboration Office and some HS/EHS programs are involved in the STARS Quality Improvement System.  In order to support programs and families, The Collaboration Office:

Disability Services

Head Start and all low-income families will have access to high quality services for their children with disabilities.

HS/EHS programs offer an ideal setting for the integration of young children with disabilities.  Partnerships that bring service entities together enhance and strengthen available services.  At the state level we work with the following entities.


Head Start and all low-income families will have access to high quality education services for their children.

High quality education includes adult training preparation so that young children have the best opportunities to succeed.  The Collaboration Office supports Higher Education partnerships that train HS/EHS staff and potential staff.  We work with the Technical Assistance system that is provided through the federal Office of Head Start.    In 2006, we initiated the Montana School Readiness Initiative and now work with 20 community teams across the state.

  • Early Childhood Partnership for Professional Development (ECPPD).
  • EC Career Development Advisory Council & Early Childhood Project at MSU.
  • Technical Assistance providers for HS/EHS.
  • Office of Public Instruction.
  • Early Childhood Higher Education Consortium.
  • 20 community Early Childhood Coalitions that address school readiness.
  • HS/EHS Education and Child Development Managers.
Family Literacy

Head Start and all low-income families will have access to high quality family literacy programs as they move toward self-sufficiency.

The Collaboration Office recognizes the need to form community partnerships that support families in the attainment of literacy and other life and job skills.  At the state level, the Collaboration Office works with:

Health / Mental Health

Head Start and all low-income families will have access to high quality services in the area of Health Care, which includes insurance, medical and dental homes, mental health services and health literacy.

The Collaboration Office focuses on assisting programs in their quest to develop a network of providers that will actively address the needs of children and families in their health care needs.  We work with and collaborate with all state government agencies involved in the various aspects of health care.

Community Service

Head Start and all low income families will have access to meaningful community services and programs will form multiple community service partnerships.

The Collaboration Office is committed to seeking community partnerships that support the programs and families.  We work with national, state and local entities that foster the values and practices of volunteerism and skill building. We work with:


Head Start and all low-income families will be appropriately supported as they move toward self-sufficiency.

The Collaboration Office is committed to assisting families, programs, agencies and organizations in the collaboration process as they build and strengthen the support services available for families participating in welfare programs.  We work with:


Head Start and all low-income families will have access to affordable and adequate housing.

The Collaboration Office encourages and helps program seek meaningful and relevant community partnerships that best serve families with young children.  We work with:

Civil Rights

If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of race, national origin, ethnic background, sex, religious affiliation, or disability, you have a right to file a complaint.

To file a complaint of discrimination contact:

Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
999 18th Street, Suite 407
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 844-2024; (303) 844-3439 (TDD)
(303) 844-2025 FAX



Patty Butler, Chief
Early Childhood Services Bureau
DPHHS, P. O. Box 202925
Helena MT 59620-2925
or call toll free (866) 239-0458


For more information, contact Kathy Rich at (406) 444-0589.

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