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Workforce Incentives FAQs


Q:  Can someone receive higher Ed Merit Pay and I/T or Preschool in the same year?

A:  Yes; however, they cannot receive Higher Ed PDIA (formerly Merit Pay) and the IT or Preschool  stipend if they are taking them for the college coursework recorded in their application for Higher Ed PDIA.

Q: Can STARS providers apply for Mini Grants?

A:  STARS participants receiving incentives are not eligible for mini grants during the field test. Those in the field test not receiving incentives may apply for mini grants.

Q:  Is there a completion stipend and continuity of care stipend for the Preschool Caregiver Course?

A:  The Preschool Caregiver Course includes a professional development incentive award for successful completion; however, there is no continuity of care stipend available.  Please refer to the Workforce Incentives.

Q:  How will I get my professional development needs paid for which are required in the STARS program?

A:  Workforce Professional Development Incentives are available for individuals to apply to receive funds to support professional development.  Programs that are participating and not receiving incentives are eligible to apply for mini grants through their local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency.  For STARS field test programs in the incentive category, once a STARS level is determined, programs may include professional development costs in their quality improvement plan and budget.

Civil Rights

If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of race, national origin, ethnic background, sex, religious affiliation, or disability, you have a right to file a complaint.

To file a complaint of discrimination contact:
Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
999 18th Street, Suite 407
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 844-2024; (303) 844-3439 (TDD)
(303) 844-2025 FAX



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Page last updated: 08/29/2012