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Trauma Coordinator Course

Trauma Coordinator Links and Resource Documents
While some of the following links are included in the Coordinator Module slides, we have included them here and some additional resources for your convenience. If you have questions, please contact Alyssa Sexton at 406 444-4459.



Montana Trauma Manual   Paper Trauma Abstract Form-Blank
MT Trauma Manual References   PI Documentation Blank - DOC
068X Trauma Response - PDF   PI Documentation with Examples - DOC
Before you submit your trauma facility application - PDF   Recommended Facility Pediatric Equipment and Supplies - PDF
Board Resolution Deer Lodge - PDF   Reviewing a Chart - PDF
Clark Fork Org Chart - PDF   Sample Questions for Trauma Site Survey Facility Tour
Case PI Audit Tool - DOC   SPH Coumadin Guideline - PDF
Developing a Trauma Activation Fee - PDF   TNC Job Description Corvallis - PDF
EMS Log Sheet - DOC   Trauma Director, Chester - DOC
Facility Applications for Designation   Trauma Flow Sheet Documentation Audit Tool - PDF
Family Presence Chop Protocol - PDF   Trauma Medical Director Job Description - PDF
Guidelines for the care of Children in ED - PDF   Trauma Medical Director Job Description St James- PDF
ISS Handout - PDF   Trauma Nurse Coordinator Job Description - PDF
Medical Staff Resolution Ltr - generic - DOC   Trauma Nurse Coordinator-Deer Lodge - PDF
Montana Collector IV Data Dictionary - PDF   Trauma Nurse Coordinator-Coltrip - PDF
Montana Pediatric Interfacility Transfer Guidelines - PDF   Trauma Nurse Coordinator-Malta - PDF
Organizational Chart Deer Lodge - PDF   Trauma Registry Inclusion Criteria - PDF
Trauma Rounds Checklist - DOC   Trauma Team Activation Criteria - PDF
    Trauma Facility Resource Criteria - PDF


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