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OPHI-PCR Screen Shots

These screen shots (pdf files) of the OPHI-PCR screens do not reflect an appreciation for the dropdowns and other time saving features of OPHI-PCR, but they give a sense of the data points that can be collected.

OPHI-PCR Screens Miscellaneous Notes


In the General block, incident detail such as incident and response #'s are entered. A multi-valued number is also assigned by the software (agency # / PCR #) so that each report in the system is unique from any other entered. If "yes" is not entered in the Cardiac Arrest or Injury Present fields, then the Cardiac and Trauma screens are skipped for data entry. Crew members from OPHI-Licensing are already populated in the Crew Member dropdown.


Call Sign info is already pre-populated from OPHI-Licensing. Lots of time blocks are available to accommodate any documentation need, but only ones noted with the red "*" are required.


Information about the scene location and which other agencies were there. If the patient's address from the Main page and scene address are the same, 'Copy from main form' is clicked and entered information is brought forwared without any re-typing. Delay Types are not included in the printed PCR, but are available for performance review purposes.

Cardiac Arrest.pdf

This window only displays for data entry if Cardiac Arrest = "yes" is entered on the Main page.


This window only displays for data entry if Trauma = "yes" is entered on the Main page.


Information about the patient's complaints and symptoms as well as your impressions.


The 'head-to-toe' assessment and information about the patient's medical history, medications and allergies.


Everything you assessed and did to the patient. Each entry is organized at the bottom of page in sequential order.


The narrative is typically shorter with OPHi-PCR as most things are entered in previous screens


Where did your patient go; who took the patient.


Billing information. Future versions of OPHI-PCR will enhance billing functionality.

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Page last updated 08/26/2013