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HIRMS Overview

Body Online Prehospital Info - Patient Care Record (OPHI-PCR) - Online Prehospital Information module - Enables EMS services to electronically collect patient care information.
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Ambulance Online Prehospital Info - Licensing (OPHI-L)- Online Prehospital Licensing module - EMS service licensing, Public Access Entity registration and other office modules.
Doctor Online Prehospital Info - Unprotected Exposure (OPHI-Exposure) - A module to track Unprotected Exposure Officers. Also enables EMS services and hospitals to better meet regulatory requirements for reporting unprotected exposures and notifying affected responders.
AED Online Prehospital Info - Public Access AED (OPHI-AED) - A module to enable electronic registration of AED services; to help monitor information on these agencies; and to begin tracking AED use
Database Department of Labor Licensing database link - Through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Labor, a link to professional licensing records is provided to HIRMS; principally for two modules: 1) verification of licensing for EMTs on EMS service rosters and for service medical directors, and 2) verification of licensing of individuals registering in the MHMAS module.
Class Learning Center - Enables provision and tracking of education for several modules.
Staff Montana Healthcare Mutual Aid System (MHMAS) - A registry which enables individuals to pre-register and volunteer for a medical response to a disaster.
Disaster Medical Resource and Disaster Status Module (HAVbed)- A database of resources such as hospital beds and supplies.
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