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American's With Disabilities Act/Accessibility Technical Assistance - Center staff provide individuals with information regarding their rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They also provide advocacy services to a consumer in order to implement enforcement of ADA guidelines and perform assessments for businesses and agencies to determine compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

Individual And Systems Advocacy - We help persons with disabilities identify their independent living needs, develop an individual plan of action to meet those needs, share resource information, and lead an independent and self-determined lifestyle.

Parents Let’s Unite for Kids (PLUK) - PLUK is a private, nonprofit organization formed in 1984 by parents of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the state of Montana for the purpose of information, support, training and assistance to aid their children at home, school and as adults.

Disability Rights Montana (DRM) - The Mission of Disability Rights Montana is to protect and advocate for the human, legal, and civil rights of Montanans with disabilities while advancing dignity, equality, and self-determination. Disability Rights Montana provides information and referral, individual advocacy, legal representation, outreach and training, and systems advocacy.

Rural Institute on Disabilities (Statewide Focus) - The Rural Institute is part of the national network of programs funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD). They are committed to assisting in the provision of interdisciplinary training, research, service demonstration programs, leverage of funds, and information dissemination which increases and supports the independence, productivity, and inclusion into the community of persons with developmental disabilities.

Montana Center on Disabilities (Statewide Focus) - The Montana Center on Disabilities, a Montana State University-Billings affiliate, is dedicated to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities of all ages and cultural backgrounds into their communities. A key distinguishing feature of the Montana Center is that all its programs are model demonstration programs that have research and training components in conjunction with numerous university and community partners.

University of Montana Disabled Student Services (University only) - Disability Services for Students (DSS) is the University of Montana-Missoula's student affairs office, which assures program access to the University by students with disabilities. We coordinate and provide reasonable accommodations, advocate for an accessible and hospitable learning environment, and promote self-determination on the part of the students we serve.

Adult Protective Services (APS) - Adult protective services include: investigation of referrals; case counseling; assistance in utilizing family and community resources; improving current living situations; removing persons from unsafe situations; developing and protecting a person's financial and property resources; and as a last resort, seeking protection of elderly persons or disabled adults by obtaining appropriate legal intervention through the courts.

Mental Disabilities Board of Visitors - The Mental Disabilities Board of Visitors consists of five members appointed by the Governor to review care at Montana’s institutions for the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled, and care at Montana’s community mental health centers. They also provide legal representation at Montana State Hospital.

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