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Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP)  - Providing a safe place to live, and the training and support which enable people with developmental disabilities to be full participants in community life. Everyone needs a place to live. People with developmental disabilities have the same need for a nice home that we all have. In addition, people with disabilities need to live in a safe place that provides the training and support which enables them to be full participants in community life. Residential services funded through the DDP are located across Montana and include community homes and supported living services.

Independent Living Services - Independent Living Centers (ILC's) are non-residential, meaning they don’t offer places to live at the Centers. They do provide services to anyone with a disability including children and students. Includes informtion on Independent Living Skills Training and Housing.

Institution - Montana Developmental Center is a residential facilities providing 24 hour care for some individuals with either severe behaviors or severe self help deficits.

Addictive & Mental Disorders (AMD) - This program assures a statewide continuum of effective prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services for people with chemical dependency and mental illness.

Senior & Long Term Care (SLTC) - Long term care is a general term describing a variety of medical, social and other services, which are designed to meet the ongoing need for support and assistance people often experience as a result of the natural aging process, a severe disability or an injury. People with serious disabilities who are in need of long term care and are not developmentally disabled are eligible for services.

Parents Let’s Unite for Kids (PLUK) - PLUK is a private, nonprofit organization formed in 1984 by parents of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses in the state of Montana for the purpose of information, support, training and assistance to aid their children at home, school and as adults.

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