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SELN / Employment

State Employment Leadership Network

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Integrated Employment

Individual has full or part‐time paid work. The job is based upon identified needs and interests, the workplace is in the community and generally has regular contact with people without disabilities, or the individual is self‐employed in their own business. The job must pay at least minimum wage unless the person is self employed. There are three models of integrated employment depending on how on-going works support is available:

  • Individual Competitive Employment – planned natural/coworker support is available when needed
  • Individual Supported Employment – Job Coach is available to assist the business in helping the worker and supports the individual when needed
  • Group Supported Employment – Small (2-8) group of individuals work in a community setting under the supervision of a provider agency
Montana Employment First Initiative

The Montana Developmental Disabilities Program believes that employment and inclusion in communities is important in the lives of individuals in services. All working-age individuals in services should have the opportunity to participate in meaningful work in integrated community employment, earn at least minimum or competitive wages, and enjoy the benefits of community employment. The choice of the employment setting considered must use person centered planning concepts and should be based on informed choice. Although other employment options are valued as a pathway toward integrated employment, paid work in the community should be the primary service considered during the planning process.

Montana SELN Team Members

Ellen Condon – Rural Institute
Jenny Betz – Job Service (Dept. of Labor)
Lori Idland – Disability Rights Montana
Rob Tallon – DD Provider REACH
Kurtis Mayne (or Jenece Sharkey) – DD Provider Opportunity Resources
Diana Tavary – Parent and PLUK
Rita Schilling – DD Provider Job Connections
Shannon Merchen – DD Regional Manager
Virginia Kraus & Greg Gerard – MDC
Frank Podobnik & Marla Swanby – Office of Public Instruction
Mike Hermanson & Barb Varnum – Voc Rehab
Greg Olsen – DD Provider Helena Industries
Janet Dalton – DD Provider Choteau Activities
Deborah Swingley – Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities
Peggy Olson – DD Children's Provider Family Outreach
Lori Lundberg – DD Case Manager
Pat Sanders – DPHHS Transportation Coordinator
Marlene Disburg-Ross – Addictive & Mental Disorders Division
Darwin Nelson – Person with a disability
Charlie Briggs – Multi State DD Provider Easter Seals
Dianne Booth – Parent
Tara Williams – DD Children's Provider STEP
Jeff Sturm – DD Central Office
Kelly McNurlin – DD Central Office/Rates
Joli Schroader – DD Central Office/Waiver Specialist
Jannis Conselyea & Tim Plaska – DD Central Office Bureau Chiefs
Nathan Dudley – DD Central Office/Crisis Specialist

National SELN Information and Resources
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