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Self-Directed Waiver Options

DDP will be implementing the expanded Self-Direction with Employer Authority Option beginning January 1, 2012.   

Unless an employer has been self-directing respite services prior to January 1, 2012, persons who are managing their own employees must have the services of a Support Broker for the first year following choosing this option. A participant and/or their representative may not implement Self-Direction with Employer Authority for those services in which they manage their own employees until a Support Broker’s services have been obtained. Other services which do not involve direct management of employees may be implemented when the option is chosen.

 Support Broker services may be provided in an unpaid or paid capacity. Unpaid persons providing Support Broker services must have first passed the State of Montana DDP written Support Broker Certification Examination. At this time, there are no persons who have taken the examination who wish to provide this service in an unpaid capacity. 

To be paid as a Support Broker, the broker must be certified by the State of Montana DDP. A link for the current list of Certified Support Brokers can be found below.    

Again, this process applies only to participants and their representatives who begin self-directing after January 1, 2012. Participants and their representatives who currently (before January 1, 2012) self-direct respite are not required to have Support Broker services unless the planning team has determined that they need these services to manage their employees successfully even if they expand the services they self-direct.

The Certified Support Broker lists should be supplied to all persons and their representatives who have Individual Planning meetings after January 1. 2012 and have expressed their desire to begin Self-Direction with Employer Authority in any available service category in which they would be managing their own employees. 

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