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Steps You Need to Complete After Entering a Contract to Provide Services, but Before Services Are Provided

  • Provide proof that you meet the requirements for liability insurance and bonding as specified in the contract.¬† For more information on contract requirements, please contact the local DDP Office.
  • Background Check completed on all employees. ¬†Please refer to the DDP Criminal History Background Check Policy if you need further clarification.
  • You also must ensure that no officer or employee of the service provider has been listed on any of the following lists maintained by the federal government, which identify persons who are ineligible to receive Medicaid funding and which disqualifies any entity employing such person from receiving or keeping Medicaid funding:
  • You will need to develop policies and procedures to address the areas identified in the DDP Quality Assurance Review process. For more information or to request assistance regarding identification of necessary policies and procedures, you may:
Page last updated 01/31/2014