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DDP 0371 Community Supports Waiver Overview

Montana’s Community Supports Waiver (0371) is a funding source under the Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) that was originally approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) effective on 09/01/2001.
This Medicaid waiver was designed to serve individuals with developmental disabilities who have waiver-funded service needs that can be met in a community setting for $7,800 or less per year. The dollar cap for Community Supports services may be exceeded in specific circumstances, which include situations in which a waiver recipient’s needs include private duty nursing, one time only crisis supports funds needed within a specific fiscal year, or exceptional transportation expenses needed within a specific fiscal year. Persons who receive services under this waiver often live in their family home and frequently their caregiving is provided largely by unpaid family members. Other persons who receive the limited services that this waiver provides are persons who have most of the skills to live alone or with an unpaid roommate but who still require modest levels of support or supervision. 

Services provided to an individual under the Community Supports Waiver could include services from the following categories:

  • homemaker
  • personal care
  • respite
  • residential habilitation
  • day habilitation
  • supported employment
  • environmental modifications/adaptive equipment
  • transportation
  • specialized medical equipment and supplies
  • adult companion
  • private duty nursing
  • social/leisure/recreation
  • health/health safety/health maintenance
  • health safety
  • health maintenance
  • educational supports 

Persons eligible for the Community Supports Waiver are placed on a waiting list for services until a service opening becomes available. In order to be eligible to receive services under this waiver, a person must be at least 18 years of age, must meet the Montana State Medicaid Plan definition of developmental disability, must have specialized services needs, and must be eligible for Medicaid.  

Approximately 270 Montanans are served under the Community Supports waiver. Community Supports services are delivered by agencies with a DDP contract, or by qualified persons who subcontract with agencies with a DDP contract.

Page last updated 07/30/2013