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DDP 0208 DD Comprehensive Services Waiver Overview

The 0208 DD Comprehensive Services Waiver is a Medicaid funding source under the Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP) that funds services for approximately 2,000 persons of all ages who have developmental disabilities. This waiver provides eligible persons who receive services under this program comprehensive services that a planning team has determined are needed specific to the individual. Services are provided in a variety of residential and work settings. Service recipients live in a variety of circumstances, including family homes, group homes, apartments, foster homes and assisted living situations. Work service options covered by this waiver include congregate work/day programs and supported employment. A variety of other services and supports are available, including extended State Plan services that an individual served under this waiver may also be eligible for.

The average cost for a 0208 Waiver service plan is roughly $32,000 per person per year, although cost plans may vary from less than $10,000 to more than $400,000 annually. These costs do not include the cost of Medicaid State Plan services, which may also be available for eligible individuals. Examples of services that my be available under the Medicaid State Plan include such services as occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services or speech therapy needed by an eligible individual.

The 0208 Comprehensive Services Waiver serves about 370 children per year, mostly in their family homes. A few children are served in children’s group homes. School aged children generally receive educational services through the public school system under a variety of different service delivery arrangements. The waiver does not supplement or supplant school services.

Delivery of services provided under the 0208 Waiver must comply with state and federal rules, laws and policies.

Page last updated 07/30/2013