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Equipment Applications

Telecommunications Equipment

The following items are the most commonly distributed types of equipment. If you have special needs for equipment not listed, please contact the MTAP office.
Notice: MTAP does not distribute cellular phones, cordless phones, answering machines, caller IDs or pagers.


TTY/TDD phone

Text Telephone (TTY/TDD) – An electronic device that enables people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled to use the telephone by typing messages back and forth and reading responses on the display. A TTY is required for both parties to communicate directly, or the hearing party may call via the Montana Relay Service. Telebraille or Large Visual Displays are available for people who are blind or have low vision.



Amplified Telephone – An amplified telephone has a built-in volume control that makes incoming sounds louder. Many come with tone and frequency adjustments as well as adjustable ringers. Some come with large number keys to make reading and dialing numbers easier.


in-line amplifier

In-line Amplifiers – These are devices that plug into an existing telephone to convert a standard telephone into one with amplification by connecting between the telephone base and the handset cord. A dial on the amplifier allows the user to adjust the volume.


Cap Tel phone

CapTel – CapTel allows people who are hard of hearing to read a captioned version of their conversations on the text screen of CapTel phones and listen to the voice of the person they are calling at the same time.

HCO Telephone

HCO Telephone – Hearing Carry Over (HCO) combines voice and text communication over the telephone. It allows individuals not able to speak well to hear the caller directly. The user types the conversation which is voiced by the Montana Relay Service or read on a text display.

RC200 Hands Free phone

Hands-Free Phone – Available to persons with severely limited motion/mobility. It has a built-in speaker phone and can be fitted with a variety of accessories.

Rinmax Amplified Telephone Ringer

Loud Ringer – A device which creates louder rings to alert a person of incoming calls with adjustable volume, pitch, and warble.

artificial larynx Artificial Larynx – A hand-held, portable speaking aid that simulates the natural vibrations of speech for people who have lost the use of the larynx by pressing it against the throat and forming words for the mouth.
Visual Signaler

Visual Signaler – A piece of equipment connected to a corded household lamp that allows it to blink and inform the user that phone is ringing.


Page last updated 08/13/2013