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Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) Committees

Executive Committee (SILC Bylaws, Article VIII, Committees)

Co- Chairs: June Hermanson and Monica Garrahan
Secretary - Donell Neiss

Duties: The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary and shall have the authority of the SILC in the management of the business of the SILC between meetings of the SILC, subject to the policies established by the SILC. ( SILC Bylaws, Article IV, Officers and Duties, Section 3). The Executive Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the SILC.

In addition, the Committee:

  • Is responsible for monitoring SILC functioning and structure.
  • Is responsible for setting the agenda of SILC meetings.
  • Initiates recommendations of dismissal of SILC members to be forwarded to the Governor.
  • Makes appointments to fill the unexpired terms of any elected officer when vacancies occur.

ByLaws/Budget Committee (SILC Bylaws, Article VIII, Committees)

Co-Chairs:  June Hermanson and Monica Garrahan

Duties: The Bylaws/Budget Committee recommends revision and ratification of the Bylaws.

  • The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the SILC regarding the budget and other financial matters, including draft copies of Part B and General Fund contracts in advance of submission of contracts to the CILs.

Nominations/Membership Committee (SILC Bylaws, Article VIII, Committees)

Chairperson: Donell Neiss
Member: Chris Cragwick

Duties: The Nominations Committee presents nominations for each position prior to the election of officers.

  • The Committee is responsible for recruiting, nominating and orientating new members for the SILC.

SPIL Evaluation Committee (SILC Bylaws, Article VIII, Committees)

Co-Chairs:  June Hermanson and Monica Garrahan

Members: Mike Mayer (Summit Executive Director) and Peggy Williams

Duties: The SPIL Evaluation Committee reviews, monitors and evaluates provisions for the State Plan. The Committee will:

  • Guide the process of writing a new plan every three years.
  • Report to the SILC on outcomes related to SPIL objectives.
  • Make recommendations for amendments to the SPIL.
  • Review and approve the format of the CIL review process and make recommendations as necessary.
  • The Committee shall include at least one director from the network of CILs.

Underserved Committee (SPIL 2011-2013)

Chairperson: June Hermanson
Members: Chris Cragwick, Troy Spang

The Youth Task Force and the Native American Task Force represent the underserved populations, youth with disabilities, Native American with disabilities and people with disabilities seeking employment opportunities, identified in the Statewide Plan for Independent Living.

Duties: The Underserved Committee promotes, advances and responds to issues that affect:

  • Those persons with disabilities designated in the SPIL as underserved.
  • The committee provides input on groups that might be designated as underserved to the SILC during the state plan writing process.

The SILC chairperson has the authority to establish other committees as needed and designate the members and chairs thereof. (SILC Bylaws, Article VIII, Committees, Section 2)

The specific duties of Committees will be assigned by the SILC. (SILC Bylaws, Article VIII, Committees)

Ad hoc Committees will address issues that require special study and duties that cannot be handled by an existing standing committee. Formation of ad hoc committees is approved by the SILC. When a committee is approved, members and chair/s are appointed by the SILC Chair. Each ad hoc committee is given an assignment to accomplish in a specific period of time. An example of an ad hoc committee is a committee appointed to handle the planning of the SILC's symposium.

Autonomy Committee

Members: June Hermanson and Mike Mayer

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