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Birth/Death Certificate Application

You may order a copy of a Montana Birth Certificate using one of the following services:

  • Order online with your credit card: vitalchek.com or
  • vitalrecords.mt.gov (International Mailing is not available at this time).
  • Place an order over the phone using your credit card:
    Call toll-free 888-877-1946. Orders are placed through VitalChek. Additional fees will apply.
  • Place an order by mail.

Identification is required for the purchase of a Montana Birth or Death certificate. View the list of suggested Identification.

To place an order by mail:

Mail a check or money order to our office.
Mail requests are usually processed and mailed within two weeks.
Call 406-444-2685 to check on status.

    Mail applications to:
    Office of Vital Statistics
    Department of Public Health and Human Services
    111 N Sanders Rm 6
    PO BOX 4210
    Helena MT 59604

The mail in application for a birth certificate is available for: Viewing, Completing and Printing (PDF)

The mail in application for a death certificate is available for: Viewing, Completing and Printing (PDF)

Disclaimer: Montana Vital Records current processing time for mailed in requests is 2 to 3 weeks from the date of receipt.  This processing time varies depending on staffing and  workload.  Montana Vital Records does not accept credit cards or online orders over the phone; however, for your convenience, you can process online requests through an independent companies that we have partnered with to provide you this service; VitalChek Network, Inc.  VitalChek can be reached either through its website, www.vitalchek.com/Montana-Express-Vital-Records , or by phone at 1-888-877-1946 or MT.GOV, MT.GOV can be reached through its website, www.vitalrecords.mt.gov. An additional fee is charged by VitalChek and MT.GOV for using this service, and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®.

The following contact may be used to assist you:

For general questions on how to obtain a birth or death certificate, and individual marriage and divorce information, please contact:

Montana Dept of Public Health and Human Services
Office of Vital Statistics
(Note: Applications are not accepted via E-mail.)

Page last updated: 12/16/2013