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Chemical Dependency Services

October is Substance Abuse Awareness Month

Alcohol and your diet

Alcohol can have a huge impact on your waistline. If you are watching your weight, you may want to rethink your drinking!  To see just how many empty calories you are consuming, use this alcohol calorie counter.

Alcohol calorie counter

Drinking and Your Health
Physical effects of alcohol on your body
Excessive intake of alcohol can have various detrimental effects on your health. It is important to drink moderately to avoid these possible harmful outcomes.

Health Effects of Alcohol

For a more in depth look at the toll alcohol can take on your body:

"Beyond Hangovers"

What is Moderate Drinking?

Moderate drinking is defined as no more than 3-4 standard drinks per drinking episode, no more than 9 drinks per week for women and 12-14 for men. If you feel as though cutting back or abstaining from alcohol is for you, this web app is a great start in the right direction.

Moderate Drinking

Short and Long Term Health Effects

Excessive alcohol use can have immediate risks as well as long term effects that may lead to the development of chronic conditions.

Short Term and Long Term Effects

Gender differences also play a role in what people may be more susceptible to. Make sure you are staying healthy for years to come!

Men vs. Women

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